​​Uptown Tan
4140 Lemmon Ave Ste. 41
Dallas, TX 75219

Hours- *By Appointment Only

Monday-Friday 9AM-7PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday Closed


Caring for your
Uptown Tan

Pre- Tanning Tips

* Remove all unwanted body hair to achieve optimum results.

*Exfoliate entire body, especially dry areas.

*Do not use body oils, moisturizers or deodorant before your tan as this will create a barrier on your skin.

*Do not wear makeup to your appointment.

*Remove jewelry before your tan.

*Wear dark, loose clothing and slip - on shoes to your appointment.

*No Jeans, tight clothes, socks or sneakers the day your tan is applied.

*No activity that will cause excessive perspiration as this will adversely affect the development of your tan.

*Avoid contact with water during the first 8-12 hours after your tan has been applied unless instructed otherwise. Water is the biggest enemy during this time!

Post- Tanning Tips

*Do not shower for 8-12 hours!

*Do not use soap during your first shower, rinse with water only.

*You will see color washing off during your first shower; this is just the bronzing agent, NOT your tan.

*Apply moisturizers and body lotions following your post-tan shower. 

*Drier skin exfoliates quicker, so moisturising between sessions is essential to keep your tan alive.

*Avoid Long, hot showers or baths and pat dry after. Do not rub!

*Chlorine will shorten the length of your tan, so avoid swimming pools and jacuzzis following your application to help your tan last longer.

*Remember to wear alcohol-free sunscreen when outdoors as your tan is not a barrier for harmful UV rays.